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Litigation is Monroy SC’s specialty.

Monroy SC law firm provides the most advanced legal structure to manage the litigation to be solved with clarity and efficiency.

DDispute. Opposition. Exhibit impound. Pressure: a judge or court will decide over the facts.

The role of a specialist is not only to restore the lawsuit or the response in an organized way and methodically, but also use the resources and strategies which consolidate their customers’ advantages, over the actions of those who oppose to them.

A strategic vision, based on the real advantages of their customers. And the mistakes or omissions of their adversaries. Monroy SC is inspired by a vision of legal services based on the resolution of controversies. The creation of solutions.


A wealthy international experience integrated to great global networks has a service which provides solutions in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and South America.

Monroy SC developed a culture of solutions, based on their own methods; this makes them the most recommended law firm in the resolution of litigations and controversies in Bolivia. Their decisive role in these legal disputes, causes the sustained progress of the firm.

Monroy SC solves legal complex challenges which imply a detailed knowledge of legislation, jurisprudence and other legal means to overcome disputes; successfully oppose inculpation, accelerate agreement or business challenges and provide advice and guidance to your business, institutional or personal activity.

The main difference between a Consultant and a Litigation Attorney is that the latter listens, investigates and acts, while the first one tries to establish a criterion and trusts someone else to take charge afterwards.

Monroy SC wants to give back to the legal profession in Bolivia, the sense of knowledge and surveillance with which attorneys were born in the world, able to unravel laws and codes, use procedures to efficiently respond to regulations and foster lower costs and greater efficiency solutions in several scenarios.

This way of being permeates all practice at Monroy SC law firm: a very personal good will and ability to solve which you will appreciate as the true legal vade mecum.

Monroy SC advises in all legal areas to companies and people. This locates the firm in a category of comprehensive legal services. Monroy SC offers all standard services you expect from a law firm and litigates in all legal areas, where a settlement between the parties was not possible. This is an invitation to consult by professional specialties.


The power to change.

At the beginning and development of a litigation, convictions are tuned and conclude in two opposite ways: the first, in which your interest defeats; in the opposite, it loses.

Monroy SC drives litigations before courts, proposing legal approaches through the complex mechanics of proceedings and procedures in Bolivia; goes through skepticism complying with the regulations accurately and efficiently and manages to restore the truth.

The sole connection between data, technology and imagination and legal experience enlightens the litigations engaged; the conflict resolution ratio at Monroy SC is one of the highest in Bolivia and the highest in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

9 out of 10 customers ended up exceptionally satisfied with the results. They won.

The characteristics legal specialization of Monroy SC makes the firm to be insightful when choosing the cases they will manage.

If you seek to protect your interests or purposes, or successfully challenge adversaries, you need an powerful execution. An interaction that creates new and daring possibilities, coherent and committed.

A law firm which considers equally the little details and the great facts and drive both by the force of the purpose and the change.




The success ratio in the proceedings attended is one of the highest in Bolivia.

Monroy SC dismantles the complexity or difficulty inherent to the litigation and establishes trust in strategic solution, invisible to others.


A personal accompaniment and the continuous support of the Partner-Director, allows to follow proceedings in an organized way and transparently and to be consulted at any time, offering perspectives of situations, models that allow assimilating decisions in several dimensions.

This virtue avoids difficulty or what is considered difficult or impossible.

Seeks and shows the truth

A systematic and detailed knowledge of Law, Regulations, updates and changes, establishes accurately the real and tangible options in any scenario where the dispute needs to renew approaches.

Offering solutions implies a great knowledge of laws, other regulatory devices in Bolivia and the derivations imposed by a strategic approach.

Legal guide

Monroy SC opens new roads, communicates the experience and interprets it in the light of jurisprudence. It achieves balances. It fosters ambition in goals and serenity to achieve them.

Field knowledge

Each element -great or negligible- influences the behavior of others and it is able to reveal what is unexpected.

To know in detail about its structure and operation, the borders and their flexibility, is part of expert practice of the firm. Monroy SC assures a swift and efficient resolution of the dispute. The highlight set by its transcendence is the commitment with their customers’ causes.

Cases of success

In the criminal, civil, taxing, financial and banking, real estate, business, labor and social security fields, in the intellectual or industrial property, the role of Monroy SC in the Courts ad hoc or in the Courts of Justice, uses the highest legal recourses and offers a tempered vision of what is real and possible, through innovative and persisting strategies which achieved the highest ratio of success.

Immersed in the challenge and risk, the though and legal action, they offer a set of objective options to their customers, which are treated by experts and offer real solutions, eliminating all that is not related to the progress essence.

The role of Monroy SC helps to achieve the strict right and a judicial decision which efficiently responds to the investigation and argumentation submitted.


Monroy SC vision is that you have a legal service which allows a harmonious solution in each litigation.

We specialize each member and all the structure of the legal firm to achieve it. The informatics system which we use to communicate and through which we organize the service, also serves to this purpose. Actually, each part of the law firm is focused to be part of a solution for their customers.

And, what is a perfect solution of a litigation? Well, to preserve a strategic advantage when all has finished. Despite, even, the litigation to have been avoided. Or annulled. Or, in extreme cases, withdrawn.

We work based on two strategies: EFFICIENCY, so that you receive personal legal services of the highest quality, and COLLABORATION which makes the firm to be on your side and understands accurately the support you seek and that other elements of the litigation may be incorporated, postponed or isolated.

In our exercise, the ratio of success in controversies is generous.

We model, phase by phase, the chain of service offered and we are able to fulfill what we affirm. In a trust model.


Specialty of the highest professional recognition.

Monroy SC law firm achieved one of the highest ratios of successful resolution of conflicts acting personally in each phase of the proceedings.

In regular surroundings or specially adversarial, Monroy SC advices their customers, natural people or legal people, to detect problems and threats which result in a specific procedural strategy.

From the phase of recognition, the selection of strategies and litigating action, the firm offers integrated services to fulfill the purpose.

The experience of the law firm in Laws, Regulations and other provisions of public value, cause Monroy SC to respond with the highest rate of success in the disputes. The ones having a special value are the incorporations or updates which result in complex procedural bodies in which a vision of group and experimented in the legal territory is needed.

Criminal Law

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Civil law

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Business law

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Hydrocarbons and mining

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Monroy SC has achieved a wide compilation of the statues and regulation of the sector which favor their customers in decisive role....

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The sector has a sustained growth in Bolivia and carry out complex operations which cause the interest of international and state companies ...

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Land Law

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Industrial and Intellectual Property

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Banking and Financial Law

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Labor law

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Capital Market Law

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Tax Law

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Monroy firm, Arauz Attorneys Associated SC was born in 1997 by initiative of Derrick Monroy Zepek, graduated from the most distinguished private Bolivian university, the San Pablo Bolivian Catholic University.

The law firm was quickly consolidated driven by its founder who applied his experience to a proposal of integral services which impacts the market and distinguishes the firm quickly. The ability to solve controversies distinguishes especially its main professional.

Today, Monroy SC is part of the office of most renown Attorneys in Bolivia. The resolution of litigations and controversies using sophisticated recourses of interpretation and consulting make Monroy SC the law firm of reference before the Courts throughout Bolivia.

Their customers, many of who received the firm services for years, value the agility and personal commitment with their causes, the accuracy and depth of their role, which places the attorney on the intimate line which better understand the ways to create value for the companies or people: an insightful knowledge of the sectors where they work, foresight on legal challenges and strategies of action which consolidate the main strengths of their customers, solving controversies fluidly, solidly and steadily.

Derrick Monroy adds to this a personal training and development of critical skills in different schools and countries. During his professional life he achieved may specializations, diplomas and mainly, recognition.

If a litigation is your only option facing the conflict, Derrick Monroy Zepek assures a tangible result, real value attached to your cause and a solution which will take you where you want to be.

If a litigation is your only option facing the conflict, Derrick Monroy Zepek assures a tangible result, real value attached to your cause and a solution which will take you where you want to be.


Monroy, Arauz Attorneys Associated Civil Association, since 1997 grew and developed until becoming one of the main legal firms in Bolivia.

Great part of its value is supported by the ability of their associates and personnel to face legal challenges creatively and strategically, including new legal tools of management and results.

With a modern vision which reconstitutes the role of the Attorney for people, companies and great corporations, it offers the complete chain of legal services.


  • Director Ejecutivo
  • Monroy,. Arauz- Associated Attorneys S.C., Sociedad Civil

DERRICK MONROY ZEPEK, born in Cambridge, England, 1969.
Bachelor Degree in Law by the Bolivian Catholic University,
Specialist in Foreign Trade (IDEA),
Post Graduate in Tax Law (N.C.), Andina University,
Specialist in Graphic Art (Corpus Christi, Texas),
Diploma on Criminal Procedural law, UDABOL,
Post Graduate in Electoral Law, Simon Bolivia Andina University,
Masters for Development Harvard-UCB: Managerial skills for Attorneys.
Asesor de fiscalizacion del Servicio Nacional de Impuestos Internos.

Work Experience: Business Consultant, Secretary of Industry and Commerce, La Paz – Bolivia; Consultant for the Commission of Registration of Auditing Companies, under the Chamber of industry and Commerce, La Paz – Bolivia; General Consultant of the General Sub-Direction of National Service of Internal Taxes, La Paz – Bolivia; consultant of National Comptroller.

Memberships: Member of the National Institute of Assistance and Technology; Member of the Illustrious National College of Attorneys; Member of the Illustrious College of Attorney in La Paz; member of the Illustrious College of Attorneys in Santa Cruz.
Martindell Hubble
International Bar Association/IBA
Intellectual Property
Waterlow Solicitors and Barristers

Galardon a la Excelencia, Gente de America 2008.

Languages: English.

Specialization:Civil Law, Criminal, Business, Family, Labor, Financial, Tax, Electoral.

  • Partner
  • Monroy,. Arauz- Associated Attorneys S.C., Sociedad Civil

CLAUDIA ARAUZ SIMON, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1970.
Bachelor Degree in Law by the Bolivian Catholic University,
Specialized in legal translations English-Spanish, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
Member of the Illustrious College of Attorneys in La Paz. Member of the Illustrious College of Attorneys in Santa Cruz.

Languages: English..